Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not by Age...

Age.... i think everyone struggles with it.. You're either to old or to young. I've always seem to be to young. I can recal many times in my life when I heard "Not yet, your not old enough, Next year"

I can recall one instance clearly. I had submitted an application. waited months. Heard that everything is good - just need the final okay. got the call....and "After reviewing your application i'm sorry to infrom you, your just not old enough to go yet...". Africa would have to wait... For crying out loud all I wanted to go and do is tell the children that Jesus loved them.... since when is there a "right" age to do that?

I still don't know.. I'm not bitter anymore, I know the Lord has plans and many a lesson was learned from that experience. But still 7 years later I don't understand that experience or age for that matter fully.

I spoke to a friend today "ya, I'm just rushing to sit around and wait some more..." I won't lie, i think i've said that before too....

but now - i have graudated college, gotten married and have a full time job.... am I old enough now? I'm not talking about africa any more, I'm just asking in general, am I old enough?

or do I have to wait to have kids to be old enough?  ( we're gonna be waiting a while for that one - so I guess, if that's the case -  i'm not old enough"

I have, my entire life, defined my day's by my age. my age told me what I could and coudn't do - and while yes, I do undersatnd that by law I couldn't drive until i was 16 and I couldn't vote till i was 18, that's not we're not talking here... What i'm talking about is wasting the years waiting till i'm old enough to do something.. While age does give you experience it shouldn't limit your ability to experience each day fully. Each day, Each moment is full of grace waiting to be grasped and then released in love..

so i'm here to submit, what if we stopped defining our today by age  - what would it look like? what would you do? who would you be? what life are you waiting to experience?

I'm not sure what keeps you coming back to this blog to read, prehaps it's because you laugh at my inadequacies to understand life because i'm so young, or prehaps because you might just understand what i'm trying to say - which ever the case, I hope you understand that I'm just a girl, putting one boot infront of the other, and praying that maybe you can catch a glismp of christ through it.. that's all, nothing about age...

redefine today  - not by your age but by the life christ has for you today..... 

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