Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1 %

When I left for college at Dallas Baptist University, few had heard of it. However, this past spring, Dallas Baptist University Baseball club went to the Super Regionals and suddenly people knew! It was quite the accomplishment considering that was the clubs first time to make it that far. A sense of pride rose up in me, in fact, on mine and Austin's one year anniversary trip, we watched the game...... in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. with a BEAUTIFUL beach just
right outside our window. I won't lie, It was awesome.. But something about the game stuck with me, while there were some awesome play's by some great men, what stuck out to me was an interview with Coach Dan Heefner. He went on to explain how his team is a well diverse team, coming from every walk of life and experience. Some knew the game well, while others.... not so well. But Coach Heefner's expectation for them was not to become the next all star, but rather to improve 1% every time they came to practice... and at the end of the year they could all look back and see how far they came..

1 % ......

What does that look like? I've been thinking about it for a while now. What does 1% improvement look like in my own life. You might know this about me, you might not, but I love the feeling of breaking habits and the feeling of accomplishing goals. So I do it often. I take time daily to reevaluate where I am and where I am going. But something I am learning is a habit can only be replaced by a habit. If I break the habit of drinking soft drinks, than I am creating the habit of drinking more water...

Since our move, I have been following She has an awesome plan to help get your home in order so you never have to "spring" clean again. (I'm also addicted to the feeling of a clean home. :)) Anyway, fly lady does this 1% thing too. She focus on one area each week and goal to tackle each month. Like for instance, our focus for the week is the kitchen. Our goal for the month is a load of laundry a day! Really, these tasks are not difficult. They take less than 15 mins a day but at the end of the day, I can see how I improved 1 %.

Furthermore, this 1% idea breaks the barrier of baseball and laundry. It can ingulf every aspect of our life.... if we let it. So often we get overwhelmed by the "big picture." We see how far we must travel and the road scares us... but if we looked at our "next best step" we start traveling along faster, and more efficiently.

Maybe your 1% isn't "Not drinking soft drinks" but rather, "Drinking more water." It's not "I'm going to keep the house clean" but rather " today, i'm keeping my kitchen clean, and the laundry done every day." It's not "Losing weight, but exercising every day" not "Making more money but finishing the work today." Not " complaining, but Giving thanks in every moment." Not "quite time, but 5 mins in prayer and giving thanks."

Start focusing on the 1% and the rest will come.

"A Habit can only be overcome by a Habit"- Erasmus.

1% today.. What will you improve?

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