Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life... from death

In life, there is death... but in death... there is often - life.

She, long braided hair, laid there, full of life ... She whispered.... "Sing them over again to me ...those wonderful words of life. The words that bring life - speak them over me... keep me calm, she begged... remind me.. "though I walk through the valley"..... remind me... "I shall fear NO evil.." 

In her last hours, she breathed life into each of us.... in-between her glimpses of eternity she brought heaven to earth.. She reminded us of HIM... That HE was going to make her WHOLE... That she wanted to open her arms to Jesus... That the road was long, but They who had gone before where there waiting to outstretch their arms to her... to help her walk for the first time in a long time.... They would help her take her first steps on the golden streets...

It's never the easy... the passing of life into eternity... Though, we in Christ know it's not goodbye... the "c ya later," well,  sucks somedays...

though the passing of life is hard, the life that comes from death is beautiful... The life christ reminds us to live through death is such a beautiful reminder..

I was reminded of friendships that are as pure as gold... I was so thankful for hospitality that was heavenly. Of family, and the life that was brought to our family through the gathering. I was in awe of the love that was outpoured.. of the simple. "I love you's." The people who showed up, the text message that were sent... I was even reminded of the simplicity of giving, that even though a facebook post you can be reminded you are not alone! 

And the whole time, the sweet lord held up a mirror and showed me more about myself... "search me and know me lord," I prayed..

It's the lessons in death that bring this life back to it's pure roots. of how to be a friend. how to love. how to slow down, because nothing great ever came out of a hurry... lessons of kindness, lessons of gentleness. lessons of showing up - of simply being there.  lessons of loving the giver of life more than life it's self. lessons of serving, of giving up - especially the giving up of time... 

and most importantly... it was the lesson of LIFE... the reminder that someone shared JESUS with my granny, and someone shared JESUS with me... and because of that, we have eternal life together.... It reminded me of the importance of sharing JESUS with others... that I don't have to fear death for I HAVE LIFE!!! and a life ABUNDANT...  and i want all to know that out of DEATH ON A CROSS, you too, HAVE LIFE! 

"But I have come to give you life, and life abundantly." - John 10:10 

His Clay, 


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