Monday, September 15, 2008


I've had more than enough time to think. Too much time actually. 

As I was driving from Dallas to Lubbock and approached a small town ( one of the few ) called post. I knew I needed to slow my speeding car down, and even though I pushed the break and continued to slow.. I still could not seem to go the silly speed of 35 to save myself, however, there was a special red light that made me stop. The more I thought about it there are really very few STOP signs in life.... most of them are rather yield sings. So the whole hour I had from post to Lubbock I thought about what the stop signs in my life have been and are. I haven't really came to much conclusion however when my mom got cancer.. i stopped... when my uncle died... i stopped. When my parents got in a wreck.. i stopped. When my cousins were born..I stopped... when those close to me or their family members have issues or pass away.. i stop 

My stop signs in life always make me consider just how fast I was going. And to be honest like on my way to Lubbock the speed I was going is not a safe one. and really isn't the speed I want to go but rather I go that speed because everyone else is going that speed. Case in point.. I was almost back to Dallas when i got stopped in Arlington. 80 in a 60.....I had no excuse when the officer asked me if I had a reason for speeding... none. I was just going with the flow of traffic.. I say all that to say, today when confronted with a sisters/friends granddad passing away I realized I was speeding through life and justifying my self with the pace of the cars next to me... like i did in Arlington.. 

-i'll come back to that

On this short visit to Lubbock my mom and I were talking about how Life gets the best of us... So often we just go through the motions of every day life and never take time to live it! People are always saying stop and smell the roses yet they themselves don't do it either... I had a short chance to do that this weekend and although I didn't take it for all that it was worth, I won't forget the smell that it left. It's one that has questions all my motives for everything I am doing in life.... I've been reminded lately and am everyday learning how this life has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME! it's not about me.. really - it's not.. I am here for the soul purpose of serving my creator, King, father, and savior.  I've come to the realization that this is very hard to do if i'm speeding through life just going through the motions.. really me speeding is mindless.. I'm not paying much attention to anything . i'm just going.... and that's not a safe place to be.... So when talking to my mom about how we don't let life get the best of us we starting talking but not to each other but rather to ourselves out loud... 

you have t0 : Choose to be disciplined
stop and smell the roses
make a path for your self, 
do something random every day
remember it's not about you
you can't wait to do "fill in the blank" 
remember that your not promised tomorrow ----- which is where i'll chase a rabbit

You are not promised tomorrow - so my question is What should you have done today..really stop questioning it.  You know exactly what it is your suppose to do, say, give, or be ...why are you waiting........... why? what's holding you back? fear ?  or pride? or people? or really does it come down to fear and pride? 

By you withholding what you are suppose to be doing you could be effecting how someone else impacts the kingdom....  

back to how you deiced to not let life get the best of you..

you choose love.. that always wins
you do beyond what your asked and allow your KING to receive credit. 
you choose to invest your time in something that will outlive you! 

I could go on really.. but i need to stop and slow down my self.. i'm speeding through life... 

but before I do that  ---- I think after some people read this they will take it that i think i'm wishing my life  away and i need to slow down.... however, that's not it at all.. rather i'm speeding through life in a dangerous area! I'm doing life because that's what the person next to me is doing. I'm speeding in a way that i'm focusing my attention on all of these things that truly in life don't matter.... i'm speeding not towards the finish line but towards these trophies people/i have made up to be important. 

So my question is what are you speeding towards.. Where in your life do you need to stop, and go the actual speed limit. or maybe do life in a new way... WHY Live life for your self... so at the end of it you can say o look at me cause if that's the case you will be standing alone....... it's not about you .. it's not about me.. it's about the maker of the heavens and earth... choose to serve him, choose to go at the speed he set out for you ON THE ROAD HE MARKED FOR YOU - not the person next to you - not your parents road - but the road that has his name marked on it - the one he payed for you.... it would be ashamed if Christ went to the cross and we didn't have enough respect and honor for our king that we couldn't even obey the small things he has told us to do! 

So my question is why wait..... Live for today.. there really might not be a tomorrow.. and your Stop sign in life might be the end of it! 

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