Saturday, September 27, 2008

Take a Chance! or regret it.

I mess up, I win, I lose, some days I don't come close and others I hit the mark. I struggle, I strive, I stress, I believe, I hope, I worry. I'm not always the best of a friend that I should be yet If I had all the time in the world I would want to make it a better place for you! I'm selfish and wrestle against it every day! I over think most everything however, some times I don't think about situations long enough. I want, I long, I desire. I do things on a whim. I look back when I should look forward. I step left when I should step right. I'm not perfect - I don't want to be. I don't always apologize like I should, and I don't forgive the way i'm forgiven. I know what I want but not how to get there. I'm scared! I'm chicken! I'm strong though, really I am. I carry more than I can hold in my arms, and don't mind it! I complain and I shouldn't!  I learn. I read. I question! I live. I laugh. I am light hearted and yet it's my heart that weighs me down. I sing! I dance. I shout. I'm quite. I could sit still all day. I run. I jump. I leap. I shoot. I picture this and that. I love outside and live in side. I see. I touch and taste. I feel. I wonder and make new roads. I try. I take a chance. I fall. I get up! I want to go there, but not without you! I'm adventurous. I'm a texan. I'm happy! I'm Blessed beyond words. I'm committed. I love surprise yet seem to always ruin them. I am old-fashion. I love sunrises, and sunflowers, I'm under grace and love has set me free. and I believe Love will ALWAYS WIN! 

----- Wish I could take credit on the next part but I can't! 

It is impossible to be courageous without first being afraid. It is impossible to be courageous without first deciding that you are willing to fail. It is impossible to be courageous without first accepting the possibility that your very best efforts might truly prove you to be inadequate and out of your league. - - - - - - - - But it is also impossible to fulfill your potential without being courageous. And should your fears be confirmed with nothing short of a swan dive into glorious failure, then you gain the freedom and liberation of knowing that it’s okay to be insufficient on your own – for the strength of One much larger than yourself is made perfect in your weakness. So take a chance. 

- - - - -- - - - - -
My only question is WHAT or WHO do you need to take a chance on...

You will fall. and when you do you should get back up and try again. don't be so consumed with failing that you don't take a chance. Sometime you just have to do it and know that in the end it will all work out.. Really.... TAKE A CHANCE! or regret.

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