Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chicken Little!

I in no way take credit for the following - I wish I could give credit where credit is due however, i am unsure where this came from - BUT, I thought it was to good not to share! Please, Enjoy! 


There's a story behind me taking pictures of Chicken. When I tell friends this story, they laugh. So get ready to see more than a chicken wing mascot on a street corner. Get ready to see me. And just maybe if God would have it, get ready to see you.

There's something that comes alive in me every time I see this silly bird. One day I even teared up looking at yellow chicken man. Strange I know. This bird soars on the corner for all to see. And chickens don't even fly. But this bird, covered from head to ankle, seems to soar free! Whoever is under this yellow fur suit is having too much fun. Nothing stops Chicken from freedom of expression. Chicken moves, hips shaking, pretending to play a guitar, waving, and dancing. Chicken doesn't seem to care what passersby think. Actually Chicken has a way of capturing grumpy 5 o'clock rush hour traffic by frowns turning upside down. Watching Chicken makes me want to pull over and say, "Can I try?" 

You see I'm a chicken in many ways, but I am not free! I dream of the day I can wear a chicken suit and stand on a corner and be completely free. Funny I know. Go ahead and laugh I understand. I laugh too. I wonder if I would actually dance or if I would still worry about what people think. 

Consider this. Two people advertising on a corner, one in costume, one just holding a sign. Why does the person out of costume holding a sign, stand still, without expression? Why does someone masked bring creativity and joy? 

Could it be because one is seen and one is hidden?

All this gets me thinking of my Chicken longing? Why does this free bird hurt and tug on my heart? 

I believe it's because I ache to be completely free and start fully expressing the joy inside me. Living out Christ to the full for all to see. I'm not there yet. I know because I feel His Life bubbling up inside me. I have for years now. Sometimes depending on where I'm at, I push Him down in order to be seen as calm, cool and collected. I don't want to be too free and seen as a bird brain. I don't want attention. But I do want the world to see the God I love. I can't stand living shut up any longer. I have to let God out! Sharing is a huge joy and release! It's time.

I dream of the day when I don't care about the opinions of others in my world. I dream of total freedom. And more than that, I dream of complete coverage. Hiddenness. Covered from head to toe like Chicken. Unseen but full of life! I want all onlookers to see what is covering me. Christ! But out of fear that they won't see Him and worrying they will get stuck looking at me, I remain still, without expression.

Oh how many years I've grieved God. Tried to tame Him. Attempted to quiet His joy, silencing His hope and love. For what? To look good. How sad!! 

Please forgive me, Lord for caring more about what others think than You. You know I'm a chicken. Thank you for continuing to speak over this area of my life for years. Slowly and carefully, You've unwrapped me and uncovered the deepest root in my heart. People pleasing. It's dying. I feel it. And oh how great it is to feel free. Freedom and joy have filled my heart as I've started sharing the treasures You've given me. Especially through the Stop, Look and Listen posts. You know I see You through everywhere I look and listen. Lord, you know me intimately and You've never left me. I might see life through a different lens and even so You accept me. Always. Thank you healing much of my past. You are always there to comfort me. I was once blind, but now I see.

Father God, hide me. Completely clothe and cover me in your wings so that when I share people SEE You! Not me. Hide me in a yellow chicken suit if that's what it takes. Or better yet like a dear friend told me, hide me in an eagle suit. I'll gladly start as a eagle egg or an eaglet, I don't care, at least eagles eventually fly--and fly high they do. I'm tired of being grounded. Let's go places together. I'm ready to soar to new heights with You! 
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