Tuesday, July 14, 2009


For a generation that thinks that "responsibility" has lost it's thrill, I'll interchange the word with the phrase "OWN IT!" So we'll start and end there too...

For you men - OWN IT
For the Ladies - OWN IT
for the husbands - OWN IT
for the wives - OWN IT
For the lost generation- OWN IT
for the generation that lost it's heart and soul to technology -  OWN IT! 
for a generation that some how stubbled on my blog and unsure how -OWN IT

I was traveling this weekend to see my man, and while doing so, podcast several (okay 7 sermons) all which were wonderful. However, amongst all the things I heard and even noted ( yes i write and drive at the same time) Something .. okay.... lots of things stuck out. but for the topic of this blog, one things jumped out at me.. "Own it!" 

If i'm being honest - which I am - I can't actually recall what the pastor was saying "own it" too - however, the mind of mine that can't rest took off with the thought...

What if.. we all OWNED it! 

NO - not owned the car, the house, the toys, the material fill in the blank.. I'm talking owned our actions, our emotions, our desires, our attitudes... What if, we stopped making excuses and OWNED it! 

I personally will make an excuse for the God given desires in my life - because honestly it's easier than owning it and then being drilled for it.. but what if, i mean really, what if what christ says in Scripture was true.... What if, when Christ said "approach my throne with confidence" and "ask and it will be given" he meant it..... 

Well.. though I can stand corrected this one matter I am confident in... What christ says.. is truth... however, like our lives we make excuses for everything....

but what if we owned it - 
Instead of comparing your job to the person next to you - we owned the fact that though it's less money, it's where christ wanted you/yall..

What if you owned the idea-  your really not disciplined like you like to think you are - and instead OWN UP and FIX IT! 

I guess what i'm saying is by owning your actions or maybe even acknowledging the fact you make them, you can then be free to live the life christ intended you to live..

Don't deny your self of the God given gifts..

he gives you emotions, desires, people and a multitude of other gifts -  it's just your choice to step up to the PLATE and OWN IT! GRAB hold and don't let go till you see the ball fly over the fence..... 

OWN IT - your calendar don't let your calendar schedule you in.. YOU SCHEDULE YOUR CALENDAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

OWN IT -- your money - don't let your money rule your life - You have the power! I promise plastic won't grow it's own hands..

Own it - YOUR FAMILY - don't let your family come second to everything else..

OWN IT - your emotion - they are all God given however, how you choose to use them - matters

OWN IT - your goals/dreams/desires - God plants them in your heart, but he won't hand them to you..... 

Own it - your health - the food doesn't magically appear in your mouth, you put it there.. choose what you put in your body wisely.. 

Own it - your husband - respect him for the man he is.

Own it - your wife - love her for the bride she is to you.

Own it - your kids - grow and open their eyes to the world that God gave yall

Own it- your community - strive to build strong community with those around you, - that means get out of the house

own it - your TIME! ---------- you truly don't have a clue how much time is left on your clock, own the time you have and make the most of it.... MAKE TIME FOR THOSE THINGS THAT MATTER MOST..

I'm simply saying - take responsibly for your calendar, time, energy, money, effort, family, friends, church, emotions, health and desires... don't waste that which the lord gave you all because it's easier to make an excuse.. OWN IT... 

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