Monday, July 6, 2009

what matters most

365 days in a year....

178 days in 2009 left. 
4296 hours left to make this year count. 

hows that for reality? 

so, if you are anything like me you are now thinking about all the things you wanted to do in 2009... you are probably down on your self - thinking...... i didn't read that book, meet that goal, do this or that, lose that weight or start exercising like i wished. 

I have solution - make today your new year... because honestly whose to say that you will see the light of 2010? 

make the night of yesterday, the dawn of today. decide today ..... to make today count..

here's the catch though....... that takes discipline.. and lots of it... 
it takes 86,400 seconds of discipline. 
1440 minutes of your every effort 
24 hours of your excellence to make the day count..

 "Being busy is not something that life does to us - we do it to
ourselves. Some things are beyond our control, but many things are

I'm not sure who said the quote that was mentioned above, but they were on to something. it's your attitude that make the difference... today is monday, and while most are dreading the thought of today. why don't your choose to make today, a good day...... a day that counts...a  day that is worth being retold..... 

"If you know where you are going, you are able to respond to priorities rather than circumstances"  - 

Today.. know what matters most to you!... 
if you don't know - grab a pin and paper and make a list... 
it could change your life...
you might be asking- how could making a list of things that matter most change my life?
well, as mentioned above, you are able to react to circumstance in a way that will put the values and the important things in your life FIRST...
but in order to make the things that matter most to you a priority, you must know what matters to you! 
so make the list.. 

Also, today - think in terms of good! 
Start asking your self "is this good for me" "is this pleasing and bringing God glory." 
"is what I am about to eat.... good for me?" 
"Is the time I am spending watching TV. blog surfing. playing video games or watching movies good for me?"
"is spending this money good for me... my family... "
"Is being in this relationship, good for me?"  
"Is this respecting my husband?" 
"is this loving my wife"
"How will this grow my children - to see in terms of kingdom cause days?"
"Is _______ good for me?" 

DO THEY help me make the things that matter most. matter?
shane and shane were on to something in their song called the answer.. 
I've tried more of me
and i've come up dry
trading You for things
things that go away
my happiness is found in less
of me and more of You
my happiness is found in less
of me and more of You
in less of me and more of you.

"he must increase I must decrease" - john 10:10 

So today ... the day you make matter... make matter for a kingdom cause.. 
 because honestly 

"It's not about you." 

What can you do, to make the day bring glory to God?


It could simply be that you decided to make today - a day of worth. a day not wasting another 24 hours of your 365 days you are given...

or maybe: 
by being joyful "1st thes 5:16 " 
by working for God and not for men" - Col 3:23
it could be by you "not complainging" _ Phil 2:14
by thinking about things "excellent or praise worthy" - phil 4:8 
by "seeking first the kingdom" - matt 6:33

So saying all of that - 

TODAY is truly your's to make the things that matter most 

I wish I could tell you what that looks like for you - but I can't.. but I can and will remind you - it takes your best effort and every minute the lord gave you to make today matter...

it's worth it though... 

don't waste the time you have...

TIME IS NOT reusable or recyclable 
You can't buy it back.  
earn it.or
make more of it 

and get this.. while others might have more talent than you, more money, more friends, a better job, house, car or toys.. THEY DO NOT have more time than you.. they don't now and the won't ever.... Everyone is given the same amount of time in a day....... but it's up to you to make it matter..

So while it's not about you... it is up to you! 

to make the things that matter most - matter! 

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