Friday, August 27, 2010

By Grace

I think I could title a blog - "grace" then blog about grace every day and still not even get close to understanding it. 

I hear the question all the time... " What's so amazing about grace?" 

My answer - "It was extended to us, that's what's so amazing about grace."

I thought I was good at loving and extending grace... Really, I thought I was.. Until I met two people who extended grace to me in a whole new light.  For the sake of the blog and your time, i'm going to only talk about one of the two that I have learned grace from and that's my husband..(Trust me i'll blog more about grace in entries to come) 

Outside of learning grace at the hand of him extending it to me daily in light of my failures, or short  comings. He taught me grace in a new way....

This summer we had the opportunity to meet a ton of new faces through the organization we work for. Before camp started we were informed that one of our campers had a few anger management problems. Nothing serious, but we were informed he can get a little worked up. It wasn't until after his first outbreak that I looked at my husband and said "He's going to require..." I couldn't think of the right word.. Austin then turned around, as though there wasn't another word to fit the sentence and said..." Ah, he's just going to require some extra grace..." 

(sidenote, this is why I have utmost respect for my husband, because he takes me back to the cross daily) 

Extra grace is indeed what this child, and all of us of required.

"Grace, grace, God's grace, grace that is greater that all my sin.." 

Though I have learned a lot about grace - I think what I learned most this summer is 

Every day is about Love and Grace and extending that which was given to us from the lord. and i'm not talking about the fluffy, mushy I love you stuff either -More like the I'll stick it out, so we look more like christ through it love and grace! 

So redefine today with Grace - 

Redefine it by knowing that we "Are saved by grace"
& Redefine today by extending all! 

Thank's cowboy for teaching me and all you come into contact with about christ by the way you live your life! 

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