Thursday, August 26, 2010

Show Up

Redefine Today by actually showing up..

I'm not talking about being present. anyone can do that. infact most people are just present.. take a moment and look around the room - glazed over eyes, texting, talking on the phone, or perhaps even searching the web, yup, just present and account for - if you can call it that.

What I am talking about here, is being whole heartily, all your might, no turning back, i'm here to stick it out- show up.

So often we go from place to place and are just present - we don't speak up, or put out, instead we put up and let it slide.. I'm asking you to show up - mind, body, soul, heart, your everything. Show up to the kitchen table and enjoy dinner with the family... Show up to your time with the lord.. actually tune in to what the He has to say to you.. Show up to the date you promised your spouse you'd go on, and ENJOY IT.. Actually showing up and being all there is more rewarding for everyone. Not only do you get the joy out of it, but those around you will to.

but - I get it, I do.. Showing up is sometimes draining. Something isn't the right word - Showing up  always requires all of you and that takes strength, not of your own will...

Please, do the world, no - do your family, friends and the world in which you impact a huge favor and show up to all you were man enough to commit to..

Please..... redefine today by showing up.

What would you say are the benefits to showing up? Would you be the person you are today, if every one in your life was just present and accounted for? What does it take to show up?
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