Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Have you ever said " I'll start monday?" Or "I'll start tomorrow" I know I have... I do every day. I make excuses.. Well we have this going on... Or I don't have all it takes....

Case in point - this blog...

My excuse - I didn't have a cute "header." You think I'm kidding... I'm not.. I'm serious, I put off starting this blog up several times because it didn't "look" right..

A friend of mine wrote a post about petty excuses in which I think ties in perfect with what i'm trying to say. We all make excuses but the truth is - all you have time to worry about is today.... All you can control is you and the day that lies in front of you.. So you screwed up not eating healthy at breakfast - EAT HEALTHY THE REST OF THE DAY. So you spent to much money on such and such, SAVE YOUR NEXT PENNY... So you don't know what to do for your spouse or kiddos - JUST DO SOMETHING...Really Anything , Just STOP putting life off. 

STOP POSTPONING YOUR LIFE till tomorrow. THe King of Kings gave you the breath of TODAY, NOT TOMORROW... LIVE TODAY! 

redefine today - LIVE IT! 

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