Monday, September 6, 2010

Accept it

We all have desires and dreams of how something "should" be.. but how often does it happen exactly like you want it to? How often does the date, job, trip, dinner, life turn out with every stroke being painted perfect?

Stuff happens - Really... Team members, Family members, dates, trips, and jobs just don't turn out how we once thought or envisioned... Does that mean that it's wrong or messed up - I don't think so - I think we just want i's dotted and t's crossed, when in reality God makes beauty from ashes...

Gifts are handed to us daily, they just simply come packaged differently.. What if we stopped looking at the package and accepted the gift, date, job, trip, dinner and life as it comes.. instead of being quick to write something off because it looks different, we thought about what is trying to be conveyed, the lesson that is needing to be learned or the gift that's in the messy wrapped box....?

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But how do we do this in a society that implants visions of how things "should" or "ought" to be? .... You tell me... comment below.. 
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