Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Become one

Sorry for the delay - I have been out of town - Deer season started ya know....and I had the blessing of going to a family reunion..then becoming sick - so if something is messed up on this blog - blame it on me being sick...

I have several more post coming soon, but I received my wedding pictures in the mail and wanted to share.

 What a day... What a moment in life.. becoming one with someone - no small covenant, that's forsure. It's only been 4 months since we said "I do" Which saying "I Do" is  really something you say everyday - when you chose to live out your vows before each other. While it's only been 4 months, I have learned leaps and bounds and more that I could ever articulate.

 Just wanted to give a few shout outs to some wonderful people.

All pictures below, unless noted, taken by Derrick Tibbery -www.dtribbeyphoto.com ( Thanks for being there to capture every moment! Awesome work)

 My ruggedly handsome Husband! This man is truly my best friend and rock. A man of respect and honor. After my brother met him for the first time i asked him what he thought about him- his reply " He's a man who doesn't demand respect but because of who he is receives my respect." Every inch of him say's jesus. 

 The men who have loved, supported and encouraged us. Thanks guys for being apart of our day, and lives. 

 LOOK AT THOSE FLOWERS.. I knew I wanted sunflowers at my wedding but hadn't found exactly what I wanted yet when I went to the florist. I told her what i wanted, she caught the vision and LOOK AT THOSE FLOWERS. My bouquet alone was like 10lbs and ever lb was radiating beauty. Absolutely Awesome work, and exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much Jeni for being apart of our day!   www.flowersbyjeni.com

 My sisters from another mother.... I love you each so dearly and you all have a place in my heart. You help me be like Jesus and I am forever grateful for our friendship. Thank you for supporting, loving, praying and being with us on our day! You friendship is priceless. 


"Cowboy take me away" 

 Christy Gandy, Meredith and Tiffany Morris. These Ladies have pipes like none other. Thank you each for bringing us into a place of worship and being there for us both on our wedding day. Yall did an incredible job. Also, Thank you to Danny Wadsworth, and Jay Harley for getting the equipment set up and taken care of. 

 Kali Kate Pavillon. This is where the ceremony and reception was held. We truly loved the rustic look it brought to the entire wedding. Thank's Kali Kate for being apart of out day. www.kali-kate.com

 Misty and Rach. Rachel was my Matron of Honor. More than that she is an incredible sister with whom I love dearly. Thanks for supporting, loving, and being with us the entire way. 

 Austin and Jeff - Jeff was Austin's Best man. What a blessing it was to have such a great man support us. Thanks Jeff for supporting us and being such an incredible friend to us both. 

www.sherrissweetshoppe.com Sheeri was awesome to work with and did a fabulous job. Not only did they look good - they tasted amazing. Thanks Sherri for being apart of our day! 

Bridals from Rachel Ledbetter -www.rachelledbetterphoto.com

Engagments also taken by Rachel Ledbettter - www.www.rachelledbetterphoto.com

10 reasons why marriage Rocks..
1. Nothing in the world comes close to it 2. you learn more about Jesus through each other than words can speak for. 3. even being sick is better when your married... 4. Someone to share your secerts and dumbest jokes with. 5. accountability. 6. dates nights are even better. 7. You gain a whole new family. 8.  Everything is better with your spouse.. 9.  You know each others failures and love each other anyway. 10. Marriage was created by GOD, and for his Glory..

Redefine your day - GET MARRIED! * not to be taken lightly.

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