Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Be Accountable.

Blog Block. For whatever reason, I have sat down several times to write something on here and the phone rang, another e-mail came through or the hunting or football show caught my attention. But, isn't that like life - We set our minds to do something and we get distracted......

 I've learned that without any accountability, we slowly let the things we once cared about die. We suddenly don't find the blog worth writing on, the bible worth reading, the house worth keeping clean and the list goes on. Life happens, it really does. I understand as I live a schedule that is always changing, I don't have an 8-5 m-f schedule. I love what I do, but must be discipline to take time for the things that matter due to my ever changing schedule. I won't lie though, even discipline to someone who loves discipline is hard to come by somedays.

I need someone to push me... Austin, my husband knows me in and out and pushes me daily to look like christ - 

but what i'm talking about is finding sister - or for men, some brotha, to dig into life deep with...  sometimes I get a text from sista's encouraging me to dig deeper in the word, to pray 5 more minutes, and to stay healthy and that has it's own meaning of accountability . They, know me, and my failures, and ways they can encourage me and push me further... 

the problem - growing up, I had in my mind that accountability had to me a long meeting where my every emotion was grazed over with a check list... 

Truth be told - accountability isn't much like that.... I  have found accountability is with those closest to you,  on the same path you are, going in the direction you are.. It's also wise to have someone further along the beaten path to reveal the pot holes to you, but for starters, find someone who can help drive you. We all need a small push every now and again, who is it for you?

My pushers - My mom, my mother-in-love, my sisters-in-law, my aunt, my sistas in 1301, grace, whit, bei yoyote, misti, tiff, christy, erin... and more..

These women, are a reflection of Jesus...Thank you for pushing me to be a better me. For staying on top of me, and helping me dig deeper, last longer, and in the end look more like christ. I love each of you, those listed and not. 

Redefine Your Day, be accountable. 

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