Friday, October 29, 2010


Ever get tried of trying and being only steps from a goal, but still outta reach?

So, to you it's failure.. You didn't reach your goal.. You didn't make it all the way..

but.. have you ever pondered where you would be if you haven't even started the journey towards a goal?

You would be a million miles back to the place you never wanted to be...

Trying is just as important as the finished, completed goal.

For instance, let's take health... dieting to be exact...

You set a weight loss Goal of - - - Lbs. You need to lose x lbs to be where you want to be..

You start the journey of eating right, exercising, and all the mental work it takes to be disciplined. and say splurge... so in your mind "you have failed" now, you have to "start ALL over." When really, it's not that you need to focus on the failure but how you can be more disciplined the next time your tempted.

Just think where you would be if you weren't even trying... You would probably weigh more and be on a track to health problems... but because you are trying.. you're still getting someplace... Maybe not as fast as you want... but you are still moving... one.... bite.... at... a... time.

but lets think about this out side of health.... what are other areas of life you want to be better at.. what are other goals you have set that you have had a set back in? Spiritual? mental? Family? Finances?

O geeze just think where you would be if you didn't even TRY to stick by a budget....


Just think where you would be if you didnt try to keep the house clean...

Setbacks aren't failures.. just more of a reason to keep going...

Start again, now.. Make the choice to continue... and put your best foot forward.. You'll eventually get there, if you really want to be there.. You just have to make the choice....


The choice is yours -
Redefine YOUR day.
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