Saturday, October 30, 2010

Car Church

We called it "Car Church." As friends, and sisters in christ it was our time to be, to sing, to pray, to talk, to listen, to learn, to teach. It was a time when we would literally sit in one another's car and be silent, laugh, cry (her mostly), and stand in awe.

There was no set schedule, or agenda, just to meet together, and help usher each other into the presence of the almighty.

Remember with me: those times when you and a friend would catch up, talking so fast, asking one another questions before the other had time to respond... Those times when conversations would last for what seemed like years, then, it was as those you both ran out of words, but truthfully, it was okay because, simply being, was enough.

Remember with me: those times when you simply called just to have someone listen. I have even called and simply just wanted the voice mail of a friend, because I knew they would listen, pray, and then later follow up. but the follow-up wasn't what I called for, I called so that someone would listen...

Remember with me: those times with a loved one, cuddled up on a coach, or driving down the road, not a word was said but the heart was exposed.

It's interesting though, most times when I call upon the lord. - It's only a one sided conversation, I talk and talk and While yes, he listens, and sometimes speaks.... Do I crave that silent time of "just being" with the lord?

I'm learning that so often it's not that the lords being silent but that he's simply "being" there. It's hard though, not to get frustrated, when we still have those questions and still need the answers. However, I believe there's lessons in the "being." Lessons about true relationship, true depth of sincerity.. Because, how many people do you know that would go "be still" before the Lord, only for him to "be still" with you.

Redefine your day - Crave "Being" with the lord.

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