Saturday, July 30, 2011

been a while


It's been a while. Let me give you a quick update...

We've moved to lubbock. Bought a home. Enjoyed the process of having your OWN home. Got a puppy, Trigger, AKA a mess, trigger bones, wild thing, a big mess. :) We celebrated 1 year of marriage in Ft. Lauderdale Fl. Joined Turning point
community as our church home. Enjoyed new friends, and catching up with old ones. Drew for cow elk tags in NM for a november hunt. and lot's more i know i'm forgetting. The pictures should help to explain/express where I have been!

We have so enjoyed being around family as well as having friends and family come to see us. It does my heart well to have a home to rest and relax in with my man, as well as a home to allow others to come into, feel welcomed and like family. ( for those of you who have come, have you felt welcomed and our home like a place to get away? If not, tell me so I can improve for your next visit or others visit.... this is me.. open for comments)

Along with getting our home in order, I have been enthralled in expanding my Mary Kay business. I will say it again, it has little to do with cosmetics and everything to do with the people I get to work with and the people I get to meet. If you have stubbled upon this blog because we just recently met through Mary Kay.. Welcome, this web
space is an extension of my actual home. I pray your heart is refreshed and your passion for today rekindled. Also, Stay tuned as I will be posting more and more about MK on here.

Also a not so long time ago, in the month of January, I wrote to you of things I wanted for my life, this blog, and much more.. I still have dreams for them all... and I hope soon you are able to see those changes and dreams come to pass.

Until then,

I love you, Friend!

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