Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hey Sweet Friend,

How are you? It’s been a while, I know. Life has it’s way of rearranging our best intentions. At the start of the new year, the clean slate and new beginning, I had great plans. Plans to write to you daily, to launch something i’ve feared, to read and to do, create, and be more. Plans to be still, to grow, to soak in life’s finest moments. While I have done few of those things well, others I have not yet embraced. Still deep within I set some of my goals and visions aside and grasped the fact they must wait. Waiting, while fully moving along God’s course is a strange thing. You know, to be in some of life’s waiting rooms and yet be tagged in to run the race. This wait and go at full speed, sometimes, gets the best of me. However, at the beginning of the year, I committed, to be here - wherever HERE is.

So let’s go back to that post I wrote to you in Jan. I wrote to you and explained I had chose one word to be subject of my attention this year. One word to focus on. That word - Move!

Here is what I wrote

“So how did the word MOVE become the word? It was actually as I was writing down more goals for this year and in conversation with the lord, that I asked, “how do you want to MOVE in me this year?” It was then that I knew the word MOVE was it.

Lord MOVE in ME.

Use me to MOVE others.

Lord MOVE me to where you want me.

Lord help me MOVE my body to keep it healthy.

Lord help me MOVE in step with you.

Lord MOVE austin and I closer in step with each other through our MOVING in step with you.

Lord, help me MOVE forward in business.

Lord, help me MOVE forward in Life.

It is also my prayer that I would learn the importance of being just as still. That I wouldn’t get so caught up in Moving all the time, that I forget to be still. Lord, move me into a place of stillness. I’m excited about the word, and am asking the Lord to Move in me that you too might see his glory, not me, but the RISEN lord.”

It was also during this time of refocus and preparation for the year, that I told the lord HERE I AM, help me be ALL here. I wanted to learn to be fully alive in the moment but never could grasp it. It wasn’t until I finally expressed I wanted to be all Here that the lord gave me passion for where I was.

He gave me a new fresh desire for my marykay business and amazing customers. He revealed to me fresh ideas in my work with COA. He gave Ausitn and I a renewed vision for the way we wanted our marriage and life to look like. He gave us a renewed energy to work out and be healthy. It all simply started to move in the right way. I finally felt like I was dancing to the music he was singing over us......

Little did I know how he was also rearranging our life during this fresh wind.

He was rearranging our life to look like his. he was letting us smell the fresh air of life so that we would be able to understand when he moves, we too must move.

Little did I know where the word ‘MOVE’ would & will take us, but when we choose to Move with God, our dance of life make sense. Our purpose is clear, our vision renewed, our hearts in sync with the songs he sings over us.

So we are moving. Austin and I are moving to lubbock at the end of march. Austin will be partnering with my dad and brother in business and I will be selling marykay full time. We are both very excited about the move and anxious to see how the lord moves through moving us.

There are still many things to sort out, and many questions unanswered but we thank the lord for the clear call of our move.

So, Friend, I do apologize it’s been so long. I pray you haven’t given up on me yet. Life sometimes requires us to wait patiently and quietly in waiting rooms, and that’s where i’ve been.. in life's waiting room diligently seeking what the lord has for our life.

I am ready to stand up and walk confidently where the lord leads instead of sit in this waiting room, but for now, I still sit and soak in the moment’s of the still quietness that the waiting room offers. Often we aren’t grateful for waiting rooms, however, with a renewed vision, I realize he prepares us in the waiting room for that which he has prepared for us.

Movin’ through grace,

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