Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Counting my day

Friend, If something were to happen to me, I would want you to know I love you! You! More importantly, I would want you to know Jesus, the King of Kings, and Lord of Lord loves you! He loved you so much that he died for you. He died,  so that you would know life to the fullest. O that you would know the depth of that love...

I would want you to know, I love my husband and think the world of him. And, though I tell him often, I wish he could see into the depths of my soul and know how deep my love is for him. My cowboy, best friend, and life warrior  has taught me so very much about Jesus, about loving others, and selflessly living. About breathing the fresh air. About playing outside and enjoying the creation. He has taught me about giving. About taking Jesus at his Word. He has taught me about respect, and how not to demand respect, but be a person that is worthy of another mans respect. Hes been an example of selflessness; in how he always puts my needs above his. About TEAM Work. About how much more fun life is together.  And through it all, he has taught me how it all comes back to Jesus. How life it's self is rooted in and through Christ, how we can only do, give and be because of him.... O how I would want you to know I think the world of my man!

I would also want you to know I'm a family gal and my family, is the better half of me. They have built me up and made me who i am. They have loved me and pushed me to love others more daily.  My Papa bear, well, his hands are huge and have built a foundation for our family that will extend for generations. My mom and best friend has taught me love sweeter than honey; honey that overflows and attracts like bee's to the honeycomb. My brother has taught me to enjoy life, and not be a fun hater because it's not perfect or exactly right. My sister-in-law, has taught me about passion and giving your everything to that which you are called to... and my husbands family, the family I am so blessed to be apart of, has taught me the art being exactly who Christ has called you to be, unapologetically.  Lastly, our puppy dog, trigger, has taught me to slow down and play a little more often and to love people with no regard to weather they want lovin or not, just to love. 

I would want you to know Kindness, well, it matters. As mom say's, "Kindness is love with it's workbooks on!" There is no room for rudeness. Jesus doesn't care what he or she did, but that they know they are loved. That every person matters.

I would want you to listen more often to the spirit.. Jesus whispers to us moment to moment. and so often the noise of life is too loud, and our ears aren't quite in tune... So as i tell my kiddos at school, turn your listening ears on!

Talk less too, and listen more often.

Pause, as the sun is setting and breath deep as the sun rises; and take a mental picture of the beauty that is created for you today. IT won't ever be the same.... 

Forgive others. Really, forgive them. There is a thing called grace; we should carry with us everywhere.

I would want you to know I think it's important that you do that which christ has called you too... For some that requires a long work week but family, work hard but love even harder.. Be available to people.. Really, be there for your community. Be able. Be ready. Be willing. Please don't be so overwhelmed in the task at hand as the ones you are doing it for. Know that you can say NO so you can say YES to people. Please, PLEASE be available for people..Please, say YES To people.  Don't let work plan your every hour.... Don't let activities be your all... Be in community WITH PEOPLE!!!! Create a life that allows others to know you are there for them! forreal, slow down. Know who your neighbors are.. Cause Christ calls us to love them too...

Open your home up to others.. invite them in, and create a place for all to rest. Create a sanctuary so that they would find Jesus amongst the daily grind. 

Take risks. Take Chances. Set goals. Set even Higher goals. Don't forget to dream a little too.

Take time to see the ocean and be high in the mountains as the rain is pouring down.

Hold hands, hug and kiss often.

Do something every day for your self, for others, and do it all for CHRIST, so that all would know him! 

Don't let perfectionism get in the way from starting.. Just start whatever you have been dreaming of. Just write, Just sing, play, create, paint, speak, what ever it is, just do it! don't put it off.

Treat your body well! Move it daily.

Memorize the Word. Pray hard! Pray harder! Wives, Pray for you man! Husbands, Pray for your wife! Husband and wives, PRAY TOGETHER!

Celebrate life! Have parties. Have a party for no good reason but that today is the day GOD HAS MADE! don't forget, every detail doesn't have to be planned to celebrate life.. just get together and celebrate today.

Count your blessings! Really, write them down daily and thank Jesus for them each... over and over.

Find the good in everything because it is there. if you don't think so.... look again.

Remember its not about you. This world was not created for you and you alone.. This world does not revolve around you. So put others before yourself. 

Take action. Do random acts of kindness.

Give. Expecting NOTHING in return. give more than you think is possible. then, give a little more.

Remember, we don't for men, but for God. May your work be an extension of the fathers hand.

and Lastly, I would want you to know Love ALWAYS WINS.. It always has, it always will! But remember for your love to be pure, it needs not to come from your own strength, but rather, it needs to be an overflow of the love that is from the Father.. O! Soak in his love and it will never let you down.

I don't write all of this down as though I think something is going to happen to me, though it is a humbling thought, but rather because my prayer the past couple of weeks is that people one day wouldn't have to read who I am about but rather would know all this because you see it in my life.. You see this daily in all that I do... O, how I pray you know I am here for you and I love you! that the hours in my life are spent on others and not my self.. O Jesus help me to count my days that I would have a greater appreciation for each moment... may every breath in, exhale Jesus' Name.

Counting today, as a blessing.

I love you,
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