Wednesday, January 2, 2013

one thousand gifts

I thought the counting of one thousand gifts would come more natural. I tend to believe that I am a seeker of beauty, that I notice beauty and gifts and all things orchestrated.... but when i decided to count one thousand gifts, one thousand graces in forty days, twenty-five graces a day, I found myself only recalling the mountains. The valley's I somehow quickly erased. The colors of the sky and the squirrels on the trees, they escaped me as though I never saw them.

This counting is not natural at all.... well, the counting of graces and gifts is not... I, completely human and completely holy, tend to count the human things... not the holy ones... my lists most days looks more like...1. running late. 2. forgot my water. 3. forgot the sweater to drop off at the dyer cleaner. 4. schedule rearranged. 5. phone ringing and it's not 8:30 am.

so maybe, this counting of graces and gifts and all things holy... maybe it will be more like a life change.. a decision to see things the way he sees them...a choice to hear the birds singing and the small whispers of life... maybe just maybe, I can begin to completely shift my focus not only things that steal life but rather on the small breaths of life that are the oxygen to soul. Prayerfully, maybe my life would be life to someone's withering soul... that the counting of my gifts would bring light not to my life but to the giver of Life.... that I would stop praising the creation but the creator... that my life might be filled, and my daily bread would be enough.... because he is enough.

the counting of one thousand gifts isn't just a counting, but rather a habit, a life change, a complete makeover of my ever-wondering soul.

maybe the counting of gifts is only 1 a day, or maybe 3, regardless of the number... I beg you, "to count your gifts, name them one by one, count your many gifts to see what God has done."

"Name them one by one"


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God used Ann to spur me and many on to count "onethousandgifts." She is a beautiful author and writer but more importantly she is a beautiful light that the Giver or Life is using. If I were you, I'd check her out.
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