Sunday, October 6, 2013

Never Say Never

I still recall moments growing up and even now that I would proclaim that I would Never" do this or that... only to hear my mother repeating back to me, "never say never!" However, this morning in church while Singing "Your Love never fails" I smiled as I had utmost confidence that I can say The Lord NEVER gives up on me..His love NEVER runs out, and that it NEVER fails!!! in the midst of proclaiming and offering thanks to The Lord I couldn't help but to think of this series on consistency. . As I stated in the very first post, my anchor is in The Lord.. I look towards Him to understand consistency and find value in why I too should have consistency in my life..I encourage you to listen to the song below and allow The Lord to reveal himself to you, maybe in a whole new light.. That He is consistent, his love never fails, never gives up and never runs out.. that we can understand consistency for he always was and always will be.. and that will NEVER change... 

ps. my mamma never said I couldn't say Never with The Lord :) Just recalling moments she was right in the fact  I shouldn't have said never... To think about how inconsistent we as humans are and how consistent HE is, it's mind blowing. 

Love you Bigger than Big!

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