Monday, October 7, 2013

Consistent Routines

 I won't lie, consistency is a hard topic not only to grasp but to write about. It's like the person that creates the show behind the screen. Never seen but the show would crumble without that person.. While our lives may not fall apart without consistency, I can promise you that it would run a lot smoother and stress free if we would add a dab of consistency here and there and be committed enough to stay consistent.

I'll talk about consistent routines.. What if for a moment, in a fairytale world, every Sunday we cleaned out our fridges and made a shopping list for the week, we stuck to our budget, and made a menu. Our menu would consist of things that would benefit us, fuel us, and not screw up our diet. Come monday morning we would set out what we are having for dinner. Monday evening, when the kids have homework, the house exploded after school and the dogs are dirtier than the ground we walk on; you grilled chicken. Tasty grilled chicken, fresh veggies, and sun tea. While you may not do the dishes the moment dinner is done, you are faithful to clean the dishes before your head hits the sack. You are also consistent to lay out lunches, and figure out what's for breakfast. Tuesday Morning, set out tuesdays dinner. Tuesday evening, you planned to be gone to home groups, you accounted for it, but when home and before your head hits the hay you make sure the sink is clean, lunch is set out, and breakfast is thought of..

I'm just guessing, but to me, that schedule doesn't seem crazy.. While it may not always look the same, there are things we can be consistent to do every single day that would make our lives so much easier.. The neat thing, our families start catching on and help us.

Find the little wins that you can be consistent to do rain, snow, sleet or shine.. For me, I personally love Fly Lady .  She has easy steps for the home that help keep chaos away. They may not be for you, but perhaps you can get an idea of little things you can do daily, and consistently that will help your house become a home and your family free of stress.

Our lives are only as "Busy" and "Crazy" as we let them be.

Love you Bigger than Big!

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