Thursday, October 3, 2013

Why is consistency so hard?

If only we could all be consistent.. with our diets, our discipline, in our relationships, and work places.. Wouldn't life be so much easier?!

I think the biggest obstacle in having a life full of consistency is time. If we don't learn to manage our time, our time manages us - and therefore our waistlines get larger, our homes get messy, our intentions are just that, great intentions..

Just like today, I had great intentions to wake up early, read a new book, and workout, but once awake I took meds and laid back down due to a headache. After that, the day has been spent catching up.  Had I not made myself sit down to write this post, you would have seen the same trend that the blog has had for years; few post here - missing for a year, few post again.... No consistency at all. I can't expect you to keep coming back if when you do return there ins't a new post... Consistency is key!!!

I don't think we have grasped how important consistency in our daily lives truly are.. And time truly is the biggest problem to living a life full of consistency. Having self discipline is one key ingredient but even if you have self discipline but aren't consistent about being self discipline - it all goes to waste..

We must first and foremost learn how to manage our time... While often times, doing the same thing weekly, like making a menu or grocery list seems like it needs to be at the bottom of the to do list - the fact is if you don't make the menu or the grocery list, not only will you panic each evening in a hurry to scrabble something up for dinner, but your battle to eat healthy gets kicked straight to the curb.

Managing your time goes so much further than the grocery store and shopping list - it bleeds over into our relationship with our spouse, children, friends, family and our relationship with the Lord. When we learn to manage our time, and our consistent to manage our time - we find freedom.... freedom in our relationships, freedom in our schedule, and freedom in our own personal lives. Once consistent, routines kick in, and that saves our brain a whole lot of room to think about more important things, like the person in front of you. It allows you to enjoy your dinner with your family and not be panicking over homework, laundry, or anything of the such.. Your time is planned, your family knows what to expect, you don't have to think about it - SO WHEN, because it will happen, life kicks in and throws you a curveball, you can catch it with grace and it's won't be like a earth quake in your life.. You will catch the curve ball, then throw the stinking obstacle out at homebase...

It's one thing to understand time management, it's another thing to consistently and faithfully manage your time... trust me, it will save you time, energy, and your last nerve :).

Love you Bigger than BIG!
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