Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Discipline to be still - long enough to be loved.

Wow, here I am again, thinking that what I have to write about, no one really wants or needs to hear.

I'm just being honest - blogging and laying my thoughts out on the line, isn't always easy - in fact it's requiring me to be raw. You see though, the issue isn't necessarily with writing it all out - I do that often as I love to write. However, the problem and the toughest part is being real with myself, and God. Actually listening to what the lord has to tell me and not pushing those whispers aside.

crazy right, that someone who has followed hard after the lord for many years would still struggle to listen to the almighty - no it's really not crazy. It's a discipline..

and discipline, well, it takes work - and lots of it.. Hard, nitty-gritty work. You know, the work that requires you getting in every part of your heart and soul to really let it go and just give it all to the lord.

The discipline it takes to  be still and to listen to what the almighty has to say....

to really be still... and listen.. to hear the song he sings so graciously over us.

The catch lies in the fact i'm often not disciplined to be still long enough to hear him singing over me - I read and I pray, I sing and pray and do this and that - and never take time to listen to the song he sings over me.

 redefining today takes discipline - discipline to be still long enough to be loved by the Almighty and loved unconditionally. He loves us so much that he constantly is calling you back to himself.  I know this to be true as there has been many a day I haven't sat still long enough to be loved and even today he still sings over me.

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