Monday, September 20, 2010

Have time for others...

Life sometime is draining..  it requires our full attention and every ounce of energy we got.. and often you get done with the day and can't say forsure what you accomplished.

We go and go, we clean, pickup, wash, dry, scrub, work, write, sing, run, drive too fast, text, email, surf the internet and keep going... sleep and do it all again...

We're busy when asked.. and I just don't know what my schedule will look like... ( well you might not say any of this, but I know I catch myself doing it all the time) 

but the other day, while shopping at hobby lobby I heard a customer ask an employee"ma'am are you busy.... Well, i'm busy dear but most certainly have time for you." 

I'm not sure what it was about this response that caught my attention but I respected it... We are, ALL busy.. why even ask these day's.... the true question should be - "Do you have time for me" 

Better yet - the question shouldn't be asked...

You should ask your self... What are you telling others.... "I'm busy" or "I have time for you"

Redefine your day - Have Time for others... Always. 

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