Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soak into the living water.

Dry Bones  

It’s hard to capture every thought that races through my mind. I’ve been quite unsettled about my attitude all day. While some of you reading might say you should "check the attitude at the door", I can’t say it’s been that simple for me. I’ve have sung songs, prayed, prayed and sang all day. Songs to the lord, about the lord, and even tried the age old nap that fixes everything, meanwhile still acknowledging my stinky attitude. I’ve fought it all day, really, I have. However, it wasn’t until I tried to articulate what i was feeling that I understood what was wrong. The culprit -  dry bones. 
One More drop ..... 
it’s not enough. 

I can’t seem to keep the water jugs full! I have filled and refilled them at least 10 times, today alone. The boys, 12 in all, at summer camp, suck the water jugs dry.  it’s fun to watch them though.... they will tip and turn it every which way to get one more drop. the interesting part is, even if there was one more drop - it’s not enough, outside the fact it leaves them wanting more.... the funny thing is the water source is only in the other room. If they took the time, they could have a completely full water jug, but no they tip and they turn it till they get the last drop.... long as it’s full   
The sad part is - I find myself doing the same thing.. I serve, and I serve, I love and I love - and as long as the water jug is full, I'm okay. However, it’s when I'm trying to get that last drop of water that I fail because I'm too consumed with finding one more drop within myself.... 
These boys even at the waterhole, suck it dry. you could measure the tank before and after they swim and I guarantee that the tank will hold a lot less water than when they started. They soak it in......

 There’s a lesson to be learned about water jugs, water holes and boys that suck them dry... They need a source... If only we went to the water jug that wasn’t broken, the true source of living water and soaked in all he has to offer - then, just maybe i wouldn’t be dry bones walking..

redefine your today - soak into the living water...

( p.s I wrote this back in the summer, when I was still just thinking about blogging,) 
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