Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I am -

Yesterday, I wrote about how a woman of excellence knows that life does not revolve around her. and how my Cowboy taught me that not all things revolve around Misty's schedule, desires, or wants.... 

However, this morning as I was reading and studying my heart was heavy for I didn't finish my thought, that while we are nothing, and we must deny self -  WE ARE STILL CHILDREN, BEAUTIFUL, children of the Lord. WE still hold value, we still are and can be used by god.... "We should not magnify it too much, but we should thrill that in being human we are permitted this wonderful definition of our significance." I think Calvin Miller put it beautiful when he stated "He wants no self to cease, only to cease being selfish." 

A Woman of excellence knows it's not about her, so she serves, loves and is - not by her on good or will but because of CHRIST. She works and lives, and breaths by Christ alone. "He breaths in, she breaths out" 

and with that - I want to start my posts about thankfulness. I love November, the cooler tempts, the colors, smells, sounds, nature, everything... I also love november, for it brings me back to a place of gratitude..... and while yes I should keep a heart of gratitude all year; November is a fresh way to start again, just like January is a fresh start  with  goals.... So I start again proclaiming many reasons I am thankful...

Today: It's because I'm a child of the King.... Because while he calls me to deny self, HE LIVES IN ME.... Christ died and ROSE again.....for me.... for you.... and that my friends gives any day, at any time, a reason to be thankful. 

If your not sure what being a child of the King is --- let me know, i'd love to share with you - the freedom, grace and love that is extended to each of us. 

Redefine your day, knowing YOU, yes YOU, are valuable.  

My Brother and I when we were TINY.. Just a random picture that was taken some time ago. 
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