Thursday, January 20, 2011

Default way of Life

So Friends, How are the new goals coming? New year- New you... Right?

How's the bible in a year reading?
How's the weight loss goal?
Working out daily?
Did you write a handwritten note, or call the fam
ily member you haven't spoke to in a while?
Did you save your pennies?
Love your Husband and kids?

Maybe it's just me, but I have already failed several times. I should probably give up, crawl back in my hole and waste the year away, meanwhile, long for a better life. Sounds like fun - You should join me. Actually, please don't. Please never let me crawl in my hole of daily routine ever again.

A friend of my over at Handfuls of Sand posted a striking question: "How do you keep from burning out when you feel a fire for a better life?"

I know we each feel a fire for a better life, but how do you keep from crawling in your hole of daily routine? I made the comment to her that I find that our "DEFAULT" way of life isn't really what any of us desire, and yet we all run towards it for safety. Safety from what I don't know. The truth of the matter is, that "Default" way of life, keeps us from living.

But why? How?
I'd venture to say, perhaps because I too do this, is we try to achieve our goals in our own strength. We never ask the lord for His Help, Wisdom, Guidance, and Strength. Let's call this Problem A.

Problem B. I never believed in my goals. I never truly thought, I, MISTY BRASHIER, really can achieve this. I wasn’t \ honest with my self, never pictured my self having accomplished certain goals.

My next issue is, I always kept my goals to my self. Hardly ever would I be truly Honest with others and ask someone to check in on me and ask certain questions to hold me accountable.

Problem X,Y,and Z... I never made a plan. I failed to Plan.. so in essence I simply planned to fail.

here’s the thing with Goals, okay, with life - It takes commitment. A covenant with yourself that you won’t let up, or slow down. I realize commitment is such a hard thing to come by, trust me i know, I was born in a generation that can’t commit to even watching the same TV show for an hour; instead we flip from choice a to choice b a million times. Do you see the problem with that? We end up missing most of the show because we never actually made a choice. Friends, I dare you, to stick with something for 90 days. 90..... If you start now, you can let me know how it rocked your world at the beginning of April.

So go make the phone,

read the word for the day

go to the gym

make a goal poster

call someone and tell them your goals and HOW they can help keep you accountable

go, sit a while, in a quiet place, and ask the lord for his Help.

I don’t want to hear, I don’t know how, I don’t have the resources, I don’t have the time.. That’s all LAZY......( I’m talking to my self) IF you truly want something to change, GET to MOVIN, cause the times a tickin.

Movin' forward for His Glory


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