Monday, January 10, 2011

Goals 2011

Goal setting just happened in my home growing up. My parents set goals, they shared their goals with us,  then dad & mom encouraged us to set our own goals. I won't lie, it's been amazing to look back and see where the lord has brought us. The new year is always a great time to set new goals, however, I'm learning as i get older, set goals don't just happen overnight; nor does commitment.

Last year, Goal Achieved - GRADUATED COLLEGE in 3 years.. Praise HIM!

Lots of other things happened last year, like getting married which has been more of a blessing than I ever thought possible - but my main object was to finish strong and get that degree - and I must say, that was not done on my own - the LORD carried me every step... even the day's I kicked and screamed and said "but, but, I DON'T WANNA" and trust me friends, there was several day's like that. However, I can say GOAL Achieved.. THANK YOU LORD.

Goal's for 2011 -

*Take a day of  TRUE Rest. A day set aside for the lord, and spent with my man.
*Plan 2 awesome date nights for my man a month. He plans dates for us all the time, but I want to give back to him, and plan dates for him. Ladies, we're not the only one's that need to be loved.
* Launch by Feb 1st - Launch what you might ask... we'll friend, I can't wait to announce it Feb 1st. :)
* Memorize 2 verses a Month - * apart of Beth Moore's Siesta Scripture memory Challenge
* Read 15 books this year - One a Month, plus some.
* restart P90X and complete all 90 day's
*Blog Daily -
*5 new Ideas a week. Let me explain, it's just something I started doing, it seems strange, but I set aside time to "Go back to the drawing board" so to speak. Think of new ways to accomplish these goals, to make our home a better place, serve, make, create, improve others life, ect. Just think of 5 solid ideas that I can make happen and do them - Some of them call for creating a goal, and plan but in the end - it keeps me in forward motion, instead of running on a treadmill the rest of my life. FORWARD MOTION. How do you keep forward motion?
* Journal daily... God takes us places and the best way I know how to look back a year from now and REMEMBER How far I have come  is to journal.
*Move forward in my Marykay Business, get new customers, gain new team members - Did you know I sell marykay? Men, did you know MK is a great gift for a woman. and Girls, did you know MK makes men products..
*there are more. but i'll save'em for another day.

Another aspect of the new year is - oneword... my word -Move....

Move forward
Move Closer
Move in step with christ.
More to come on the word MOVE.... but for now....

I like to move'it, move'it  .

Movin' for Him,
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