Saturday, January 1, 2011

From the Beginning

Well, Let's start at the beginning and revisit 2010.

January 1 - My Brother and Holly Got engaged. My Aunt got married. We went to NM.

Meet My Brother and Holly & their snowman

Meet My Aunt Tracie and Uncle Robert Married Jan 1,2010

Hello February -

I got engaged to my Cowboy - Feb 12th, had a bday on the 22nd. Pretty good month if you ask me.

O Hey March - You were filled with entirely too much school...but so worth it come August! Engagments, and Brials along with wedding plans took up every min. However, I did find time to kill my first Squirrel.

Thanks Rachel Ledbetter for the taking our Bridals and Engagements. 

April greeted us with Wedding Showers and the celebration of our Risen Lord. -

May- Hello WEDDING(s) MONTH -

Casey and Holly Got married on May 15, in Jamaica! 

Two short weeks later - Austin and I got married - May 29th, O my 29th is also my dad's bday so happy bday dad! :) 

 Thank you all, those pictured and not, for being apart of our lives. Loving, encouraging and being their to celebrate our union. 

 We said I do FOR LIFE...and sealed it with a Kissed. :) 

 Then, My Husband and I took off to the utterly amazing Alaska for our Honeymoon.

Please just laugh at this.... :) my hubby caught me in a moment. 

Captivating, right. 


 Look at those handsome eyes. 

 Austin captured this one. B.E.A.Utiful. 

*thanks mom and Dad for our camera, We love it! 

We are now in June & July...Which was filled with unpacking, Summer camps, SOUTH TEXAS HEAT, Summer School Online, and lots Dead Animals 

 these guy's were showing me their "guns" 

 Okay S.Tx sunsets.. I never thought you could compete to W.Tx sunsets, but you do. 

August, Hello Graduation! 

September-DOVE SEASON.. and lots of time spent on Ranches.

 First Dove. 

October -  We sang Happy Birthday to Papaw Brashier's 90th.  
 Austin, PaPaw and David * we also celebrated David's bday that day as well! 
Austin & His Papaw

November -  Quail season started and my man owed you. I'm still trying to figure out which bird you are :) Kidding. Casey, my brother, and I took our first deer. 

Thanksgiving with the Brashiers - 

December - Our first Christmas, and NM

Overall 2010 was a year filled with changes, love, growth, and many amazing memories.
2011 Goals coming soon!

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