Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Grace defined: elegance and beauty of movement or expression;seemliness: a sense of propriety and consideration for others;a disposition to kindness and compassion

there are those people that come into your life that leave a mark. Rachel, is one of those people for me. She captivates the world by the love and grace she extends. She would be the first to admit that it's not by her own will that she extends the hand of love or the hand of grace but by the power of Christ living in her. Because we are more like sisters, we've seen each other struggle. and friends, she's a fighter. Not with others, but with herself. She's got a drive to be the best she can be for the glory of god like few I have met. Rachel's honest. I've been blessed to have a handful of friends that are truly, gut wrenching honest, and she's one of them. She will tell you how it is, but with grace, knowing we are all sinners. She's a proverb 31 woman... no, not perfect, but a woman who strives to be the best lover to brad, the best woman walking bible the world might see. She's a diver, she dives straight into the next level of anything she puts her mind to. She is a PRAYER WARRIOR. I can call on her to fight on the front lines, and stand in that gap for me. She's real, she will never pretend that it's all easy, but she will be the first to say, at the end of the day IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL. 

I hear of women that talk about their college friends and the ones they still call on though they live miles apart, and I can honestly say, she's my friend that I call on though miles separate us. We celebrate, cry, laugh and still walk together on this path and journey we all call life. We both knew when we each other was getting engaged, we both stood near on our wedding day's, we have laughed, cried, and been through a lot already together and sista, I can't wait to see what the lord has in store in days and years to come. 

 This is Rach and I in NM. 

 We went Rock Rolling. Rock Rolling is rolling rocks down a hill and trying to be quite while listening to them crash and break everything in between. Sounds silly but Don't knock it till you try it! 
 Brad and Rach the night he proposed. 

Little known fact: Rachel cries ... a lot. 
 This is us before her Wedding May 16, 2009. 

 This is us at a bridal shower she, my sister in law and other wonderful ladies hosted for me. 

 Right before my wedding. 

 Somewhere along the way, we both knew school wasn't for us.. but he had to finish. I'm not sure how we did it but she and I both graduated a year early and walked the same day.

 This is @ our Graduation from Dallas Baptist University and the men that married and put up with us :)

Rach, Thanks for letting me be your friend. For helping me. Praying for and with me so many times. For forgiving me. For laughing and living. For choosing Christ to follow and being an awesome example of his love and grace to all you come into contact with. For following your dreams. For talking, and talking, and texing and talking with me. For being like family. For striving and diving. For listening. For pushing. For encouragement and for being like a sister to me. I Truly hope you have had a wonderful Birthday! 

Rachel put together an awesome post of a Girls Weekend we had on her blog.

Also, Incase you haven't caught on, this girl also took my bridals, engagements and is an incredible photographer. check her out:

Grace & Love
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