Friday, January 27, 2012

Things to come

I miss this place. Blogging and dumping my words on to a page. I miss you. I miss looking for the small things in life, as I blow past them trying to get my "to do list" done. It really is going to be a habit; finding time to write. It's part of my soul and all that I love doing... I need to do it.. For Jesus. I find it a waste when I keep all that HE shows me to myself. I learn lessons from big and small, quiet and loud, earth shaking and ladybug impacting things and he shows them to me, yes to teach me, but so I can share with you. So this is my commitment, to you, my reader - my friend, I will share with you what the Lord is doing in my life. For His glory, not mine.. This is not about me, it's about what He is doing in my life.

Things to look forward to :

  • January Wrap Up.
  • Habits & Commitment
  • Several post about why I do certain things
  • a Journey about my 5 years in Mary Kay
  • Out reach
  • Love
  • accountability
  • Favorite products
  • Things to come!!! :) ( Super excited about this)
  • and daily about what Jesus is doing

My heart is full!
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