Thursday, December 27, 2012

Whispers of love in 2012

My Child, come and listen.... Come be still and listen.

Every day he sings a song of love and grace over us. Yet, every day I often miss the love songs as they are covered my constant desire to explain or examine life's every detail.

You see, I'm a detailed person. Organized and ready for "the day."  Yet, I never know what "today" holds. So this constant striving to have my day "planned" is exhausting.. Event still, I made a decision on January 1st 2012 that I wanted to see results and the "fruits" of my labor. I wanted to see exactly what I was doing and if I wasn't a different person on January 1st 2013, something needed to change..

I'm thankful to say, I'm not the same person I was on January 2012... My husband and I have  probed and pried into the word of God and God himself... 2012 has been a year of one blessing after another. Often disguised as hardships, trials, and work yet in the end they we're counted as blessings straight from heaven.

If  I was honest,  I heard those blessings as clatter, as noise in my ever deafening ears of things "gone wrong", or day's "hurried" or schedules "unplanned", or  just plan "crappy events." And now looking back I see them as  LOVE songs the lord was sining or Loud cheers he was proclaiming over us.

I suppose I went to one to many funerals this year. My best friend lost her mom, kids my age lost their best friends, and mothers lost their children, and children lost their mothers.  So when I asked "why," he continued to sing even louder ... "I work all things for your good"...

 To hear the ways He speaks love over us, you must be ever so quiet. However, sometimes He shouts from the roof tops His love for us. This year his love songs came in waves of "whispers" and waves of Him "shouting from the rooftops."

I was personally in a wreck and was reminded how quickly things can change.... and how cars, homes, iphones, ect. are just STUFF...

I learned to be ever so present in daily conversations and to turn the NOISE OFF!

With the Lords help and my handsome man's encouragement, I completed my Real estate license and am so excited to be a REALTOR working with Kearney and Associates.  I also completed qualification for Directorship and am now a Director with Mary Kay cosmetics working to earn my first free car.

Austin was blessed enough to draw out tags for both an elk and antelope and was successful on both hunts.. ( Thank you lord for the yummy meat ) We have had the blessing of building more homes with Sable homes Inc, and enjoy watching families grow into those homes.

We both got to watch our friendship blossom into an even deeper relationship - with each other and the lord... o how sweet it is to do life with your best friend. talk about whispers of love...

Speaking of best friends... Trigger found a best friend in claire. We added our second lab, claire to our family in the summer... O they have so much fun together and we love having a second "baby".

I've learned to take life in the waves it come. Being that I am a creature of habit and a home body, I hate when things aren't consistent.. But I'm learning slowly, that life comes in waves... some slow, some  fast, some whispers of quiet contentment and some waves are just a constant reminder that this place is not our home... That contentment is found in christ alone and all we do, if not for Christ, is in the vain.

I'm ending this year in a state of Grace and learning more and more what Grace looks like, in marriage, in God's love for us, Grace with friends... and family.. Grace for my self... and grace in every day life... I look forward to sharing with you... Until

Listen for the whispers of love... he sings them over us every moment.. then pray for the "grace" to hear them...

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