Tuesday, October 8, 2013

3 lessons learned the hard way - Consistency

"Your family starts to believe what you are telling them, and sooner than later - they will catch on that you aren't serious." I won't forget when I heard this.. It had always been a goal of mine to be in Mary Kay and to make a career out of it, but I had never worked my business consistently and therefore never really grew it. It wasn't till after I heard the above quote that I was found red handed and guilty of that exact thing.. I was found guilty of inconsistency, turned lies... I had told my family for years I would be a free car driving sales director, and months and years later - I still wasn't but was still talking about it as though I would be...


"Just because you say you are a Tree doesn't make you one." You have to put your foot forward and everyday.  I learned quickly that the only way to make my friends and family believe me, wasn't to "talk" about it anymore but to show them I was serious and I would be consistent and faithful to see it come to be.. So, I put one foot in front of the other and started walking....

What I really learned from this lesson about consistency is this...

1st lesson - Consistency establishes trust.. My family and friends could begin to really trust me again (even if not mentioned) because my "walk" said more than my "talk" did.

2nd lesson - Consistency establishes accountability -  from within and with others.. Not only could I be accountable with myself, but because I was moving forward I was therefore accountable with my friends and family. Just like when I was a child, when mom said she was calling dad - SHE WAS CALLING DAD... and I knew what that meant... no if's, and's, or but's....cept my butt :)

3rd lesson - Consistency establishes something that is measureable. Without consistency you will ever know if the routine you have for your kids really work, if your work is really something to talk about, if your diet is actually a diet and one you will lose weight off of. By being consistent you now have a running tab of things that work and don't work.

Consistency - it matters.

Love you Bigger than Big.

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