Thursday, October 10, 2013

Consistency in Parenting

She's a wife, and a mother... but not just any wife or any mother... but the best wife, friend and helpmate to my dad and MY mom! and today, she's a guest writer on my blog.. I figured she could hold a little more weight when talking about consistency in parenting... So without delay -

Consistency in Parenting
It’s more difficult that it sounds, but it’s worth the effort.
Children need to know without a shadow of a doubt that you mean what you say.  Consistency helps us feel secure.  Children become confused when rules are enforced one day and not the next.  It’s important that we explain the reason for rules that we establish for our family.  Children also need to know that their parents stand united regarding parenting issues ect. . .   I remember when misty was in elementary school she asked if she could take piano lessons.  We sat down with her and discussed the pros and cons of her taking the lessons.  Once we decided that the lessons would be helpful for her we agreed on a few rules pertaining to attendance, practice times ect. . . We also discussed the consequences for not obeying those rules as well. One afternoon she came home from school with her mind made-up that she was not going to piano lessons. I would not give in to the begging and pleading so she politely asked if she could call her dad to discuss it with him.  I agreed to the call as well as to the decision they would make.  She dialed her dad’s number and began to plead her case. After a few minutes of listening to her dad on the other end of the line she said “OK” and hung up the phone.  I asked her what the decision was and she said “Well Dad reminded me that I had agreed to the rules concerning my piano lessons, so I must GO.” She dried her tears and went straight to the piano to begin practicing.  I paused for a moment to thank the Lord that Tony and I were unified.  I knew that I could count on him to be consistent because we had promised to stand together and to always support one another  . . . even in the midst of the begging and pleading from our children. :)  Misty learned a valuable lesson that day in that we mean what we say!  
Be consistent!   Do not make promises you cannot keep….. TRUST is on the line and trust is hard to regain once it is lost. 

 Love you Bigger than Big!

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