Monday, July 21, 2014


Y'all, sometimes I just have to laugh at my self. Midway through last October I started a campaign of how to be consistent, why it's important, and how it matters in our walk with the lord.... and just at the right time, satan showed up. I suddenly became super busy, lacked inspiration and motivation to write...

Whoever said that it just takes 21 days to form a habit is a LIAR!

But isn't that how life goes. We set our alarms for 5AM, clothes set out to workout, or bible laid out and that's the night you end up staying up all night. Isn't it the weeks you went to the grocery store, planned your meals and you end up working late, kids have programs all night and for what ever reason you just can't make it to the kitchen to actually cook..

Grace.. Thank the Lord for grace!

If grace were a person she would be Early. and always stay late. Grace would be in the back of the room - waiting and watching. She would be quick to volunteer for anything and would never leave a project unfinished. Thank God for grace - while she doesn't always have the right answer - She puts us back on track to the one who does. She's steady! She's Strong! She laughs quietly in the face of stress for it would have no hold on her. Grace is the friend whom you just turned on. She's the team mate that was picked last but plays her heart out. Grace Loves to LOVE. Grace is the hidden secret. She's the Dynamite! She's sometimes the last resort and yet, she knows the answer that always works out. She's the friend you wish you knew better, but she's most like you and you can't stand her for it. Deeply though,you just want to have coffee with her. O grace..... if only you knew how thankful I am for you!

I think we don't give GRACE enough correct.. I think we all need more grace, and yet we sometimes laugh in the face of GRACE.... Y'all.... I debated starting a new blog -- because honestly, who could walk back into a room they just left high and dry and try to have ANY credibility.. seriously... but, I think that's where a lot of us are... We have left friendships hanging by a thread, work unfinished, stories untold, neighbors left lonely and yet we just can't find our way back. We don't know if we can, if we should, how it would work out... all we know is something in us is restless. something isn't quite right. If only we could, or had, or were.....

Grace, my friend.... "His grace is sufficient, His power is made PERFECT in our weakness." Run to Him - kneel in His presence.. Come home my friend... and allow Him to work through you to complete a GREAT and mighty work!


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